Under inflated tyres increase driving risks, AA warns

30th December 2011

Drivers must ensure tyres are correctly inflated before travelling, in a bid to reduce the risk of crashing, Head of AA Rescue Noel Keogh has warned.

Mr Keogh made the comments in a recent interview with the Irish Examiner, after a survey found that around a third of drivers fail to check car tyres, fluids and lights on regular basis.

The AA Roadwatch survey polled over 12,300 drivers in a bid to uncover how thoroughly they check vehicle conditions before embarking on long road journeys.

In total, around a third of drivers admitted to rarely checking tyre pressure, with 37 per cent of female drivers saying they failed to check in comparison with 32 per cent of male vehicle users.

Mr Keogh said: “Under inflated tyres means that your vehicle’s rolling resistance will increase making your vehicle more fuel thirsty.

“You also increase the likelihood of sustaining a puncture which means even more expense. But most important of all, under inflated tyres reduce your vehicle control, increase braking distances and increase your risk of skidding.”
The survey also revealed that 42 per cent of drivers failed to use their oil dipstick, with a further 29 per cent admitting they rarely checked to see if their lights worked and 56 per cent confessing to not monitoring coolant levels.

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